8 natural remedies to help you get rid of warts

Photos before and after removing the wart by natural means

It is very important to limit the affected area and apply carefully to prevent warts from spreading to other areas of the skin. For the best result, it is recommended to combine local with internal means.

Warts can appear on one or more parts of the body. Although they pose no threat to our health or cause pain, warts bring us a lot of inconvenience. This mainly affects the aesthetics.

The fact is that warts can easily spread to other parts of the body. It happens that they reappear in the same place where they were removed.

Natural remedies that can be found in each of our homes are a great alternative to medication.

Today we would like to introduce some of them to you. We'll also show you how to use them properly to remove warts completely.

1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a good natural antibiotic and has antiviral properties. This makes it an effective treatment for warts. The most important thing is to use it regularly.

How do you use it?

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and apply it directly to the problem area with a cotton pad. You can also attach a lemon wart to the wart. Don't forget that warts can easily spread to other areas of the skin.

2. Potatoes

You may never have thought about it, but potato juice can be used to treat warts. Not only will this help you get rid of this problem, but it will also speed up the skin's regeneration process.

How do you use it?

Grate some potatoes for a juicy paste. Apply it to the problem area and secure it with a gauze bandage.

3. Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking powder, known to all of us, is a true ally of our health. Not only is it a good antibiotic, but it is also an excellent astringent. These properties make it easier to remove warts through baking soda.

How do you use it?

To make the treatment even more effective, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. They should have a thick paste that needs to be applied directly to the warts.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best remedies for warts.

The effective action of acetic acids on the problem area of the skin allows you to quickly achieve a good result.

How do you use it?

You need to buy 100% natural apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton pad in it and apply it to the wart.

You can fix a cotton pad with a bandage. To get a good result faster, it is recommended to change the cotton pad every 8-12 hours.

5. Garlic

Garlic is considered to be the best and most effective natural antibiotic. Not only is it widely used in the preparation of various dishes, but it also has a wide range of medicinal properties. Including it is used in the treatment of warts.

How do you use it?

In order to eradicate the virus from the inside, it is recommended to eat raw garlic daily. You can also apply the garlic product directly to the problem area.

To do this, you need to grind a clove of garlic well and apply the resulting paste to the problem area. After that, the surface must be covered with a bandage.

7. Ginger

Another good spice for treating warts. Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to fight viruses effectively. It will help you get rid of uncomfortable rashes quickly.

How do you use it?

Rub a small piece of ginger root and add some water. You should have a smooth paste. Apply it on the problem area and secure it with a bandage. Leave the product on overnight.

Repeat the process until the warts are completely gone.

8th arc

The healing properties of onions are very similar to those of garlic. For many centuries, people have used onions to treat many diseases and have appreciated their medicinal properties.

Onions help us fight bacteria and viruses, including the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is this virus that most commonly causes warts to appear.

How do you use it?

It is recommended that you include more fresh onions in your diet for the results you want. You can use it in vegetable juices, salads or consumed raw. When we eat onions, our cells get stronger and more easily resist virus attacks.

To treat warts, prepare an onion paste, apply it to the affected area and secure it with a bandage. Repeat this process every night until the warts are completely gone.