Is a papilloma on the penis dangerous?

Papillomas on the penis are a fairly common infectious disease that requires not only complex treatment, but also certain preventive measures. The problem is not only related to the aesthetic factor, but also to the risk of turning into serious cancer. A man who finds white growths on the genitals should immediately seek medical assistance to protect himself and his sexual partner. A specialized urologist will help remove white formations and an unexpected problem.

Itching of genital papillomas

Genital papillomas can cause serious health problems.

Human papillomavirus in men can manifest itself on the neck, chest, face, armpits - the genitals are no exception.

Papillomas on the penis can change location and migrate to other areas. The virus is chronic, manifests itself in a weakening of the immune system and looks aesthetically unappealing. How to cure the disease and how to remove the papilloma on the penis, we will consider below.

How to recognize a papilloma on the penis

The genital virus enters the body for the following reasons:

  • this can happen through unprotected intercourse;
  • Infection is possible when interacting with an infected person in the home environment.

Few men pay attention to their health, but this virus should occupy a special place among dangerous diseases. A papilloma can take a month or up to a year to develop. Outwardly, such a "plague" resembles an ordinary wart, but the characteristic features define the papilloma very precisely. For example, if flat or fungal neoplasms are found on the penis, it is advisable to consult a doctor - the urologist will help determine the problem and make the correct diagnosis. The virus is mainly localized on the frenulum, the furrow, sometimes around the head.

Treatment of papillomas should not frighten a sick man. A major danger is the transformation of the virus into a malignant tumor that threatens human life. Only a doctor will help you find the necessary means to fight the threat without disastrous consequences.

The sign that defines papilloma is the resemblance of the pointed white formations to the crest of a rooster. So these small white growths can not only cover the head, but also sit completely on the trunk. If the condition is already occurring, the man may experience difficulty urinating and bladder damage.

Groin pain with papillomas on the penis

White flat growths are considered more difficult to spot - they can only be seen in close proximity to the penis. A man will not only be small, but also a burning sensation, an inflammation on the skin of the penis. With prolonged indifference of a man, the papilloma can turn into cancer.

What is the reason for the appearance of papilloma on the head of the penis, if the immunity has always been okay. The papillomavirus develops due to:

  • any sexual relationship with an infected person - it can be oral sex, anal sex, close contact in everyday life;
  • Penetration through the damaged area of skin, any cut can lead to the development of a virus in the blood;
  • if the wrong lifestyle is led or the slightest decrease in immunity is observed;
  • promiscuous sex, neglect of contraception;
  • Alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, etc. ;
  • Visits to public places with high humidity.

Papillomas on the glans penis can result from any of the reasons listed above. Diagnosing male papillomavirus is not difficult. The symptoms of HPV in men are as follows.

  1. The appearance of strictly localized white neoplasms: from the point on the testicle to the surface of the foreskin. White spots gradually grow and cover the genital organ. In the most severe stage, the anal area may be covered.
  2. Discharge of blood from the smallest warts.
  3. The appearance of papillomas pain on the penis.

The development of the transformation of the papilloma into a tumor can be followed by the following factors:

  • the appearance of phimosis;
  • Sperm accumulate in the area of the foreskin sac, with the slightest penetration of urine, the tumor develops faster;
  • There is inflammation of the flesh and papilloma under the head;
  • There is an erosion that degenerates into cancer.
Condom to prevent papillomas on the penis

Using a condom will minimize the risk of contracting the virus.

We remove papillomas from a member of the house

How to get rid of papillomas and treat them at home are the questions of men who are embarrassed to address such a problem to specialists.

Treatment of the papilloma is considered complete when it is removed. In modern medicine, papilloma can be removed using the following methods:

  • a surgical scalpel;
  • with the help of electrocoagulation, the procedure is gentle, but sometimes it contributes to the appearance of pigmentation;
  • with the help of cryodestruction (liquid nitrogen) - the operation is effective, but there are cases of genital ulcers;
  • Laser removal - the procedure is the most effective, performed painlessly, has practically no relapses.

Which of the methods to remove the papilloma can only be decided by the attending physician on the basis of analyzes, examinations and diagnoses. It is mandatory to examine part of the papilloma for cancer risk.

Having dealt with the urgent question of how to remove the formation with a doctor, it is worth touching the topic of self-disposal. If the papilloma on the penis is small, you can try to get rid of it at home. There are special phenolic solutions that are widely used in pharmacies.

Before self-medication, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will advise you on how to safely carry out the procedure at home.

Folk recipes do not lag behind modern pharmaceuticals. So, people recommend getting rid of papilloma:

  • Celandine juice;
  • Garlic solution;
  • Processing with propolis lotions;
  • Treatment with ammonia;
  • Rub in rowan sap;
  • rub with a mixture of kerosene nuts;
  • smear of egg whites;
  • Rubbing tea tree essential oil;
  • Treatment with acetic acid;
  • The use of rosehip tinctures is recommended to maintain the immune system.

Traditional medicine is popular because of its ease of use at home. However, the effectiveness is unfortunately difficult to say, as all interventions are carried out solely on the patient's "fear and risk" basis.

The only effective way to control and prevent the virus is vaccination, which is done only at a young age. All recommended preventive precautions should be followed for men who have not done this.

Rowan juice for the treatment of papillomas on the penis

Preventive measures for men

Prevention is always necessary and possible. Not only does it help maintain your immunity in normal conditions, but it also protects the body from the appearance of infectious diseases that activate the papillomavirus in men. How to keep a mature man's body normal:

  • Avoid stressful situations;
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet;
  • exercise, temper the body;
  • maximally getting rid of harmful tendencies;
  • personal hygiene should be at an appropriate level;
  • Be selective about choosing a partner for your sex life
  • Use contraception.

Remember that the appearance of a virus in a man's body is not just fraught with him. In addition to the cancer risk already discussed, the virus can be transmitted to a sexual partner, wife, future children. HPV passes to a child during pregnancy and childbirth in one hundred percent of cases, and the occurrence of cervical cancer in a woman should not be forgotten. A man can transmit a virus to a partner that can lead to malignant tumors. And in a child infected during pregnancy, a neoplasm appears in the nasopharynx, which requires the immediate intervention of a doctor. Detecting the problem early saves more than a life.