Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

The appearance of small growths on the skin and mucous membranes is caused by the human papillomavirus and is present in 80% of people. When a person's immunity is weakened, papillomas appear quickly, which leads to discomfort. They can be removed only after an examination by a dermatologist, by surgery (laser, coagulation) or folk methods.

Herbs to improve immunity against HPV

Doctors know that the human papillomavirus affects the growth of benign tumors on the mucous membrane and skin. With weakened immunity, slowly emerging formations accelerate cell division. To prevent this from happening, you can treat HPV papillomas with folk remedies. The strengthening of the immune system is achieved with the following recipes:

  • Grind the leaves of a walnut, insist, take 50 ml each, using 5 fruits of a valuable product every day.
  • Take 100 ml of decoction of spruce needles twice a day and eat liquid honey or jam.
  • Decoction of onions with sugar, mixed with honey, take in a spoon up to 6 times a day.
  • Drink half a liter of lemon balm, chestnut blossoms, willow tea stems and mint every day while using half a spoonful of finely chopped lemon peel.
  • Tea based on feverfew, coriander seeds, hop cones, lime blossom, oregano, valerian, lemon balm. It is worth drinking 2 glasses a day, divided into 4 doses.
  • A mixture of walnuts, honey, raisins and dried apricots, lemon and peel is ground in a meat grinder. Take daily on an empty stomach (1 tbsp L. ) and wash off with rosehip broth.
Herbal drinks for increasing immunity with papillomas

Removal of papillomas with folk remedies of plant origin

It is not always possible for a person to remove papillomas using surgical methods. It is worth knowing how to remove papillomas using folk remedies, which gradually act and lead to the death of the tumors. From the first time, darkening and disappearance of formation cannot be achieved, but with repeated exposure it is achievable. Before using a folk recipe, it is worth consulting a doctor to make sure that the papilloma is benign and is not growing out elsewhere. Formations on the intimate parts of the body are considered particularly difficult.

Common herbs used to treat papillomas include celandine, garlic, and wormwood. In addition to them, there are other ways to use herbal remedies to remove formations:

  • Ingestion of potato juice, rose hip tincture, echinacea, collection of nettle, horsetail, lemon balm, plantain, dandelion roots.
  • Infusion of wormwood, tricolor violet, St. John's wort, clover, dill seeds, plantain, calamus roots;
  • ointment made from green walnuts, kerosene;
  • applications of aloe and kalanchoe leaves in equal parts - applied within 10 days;
  • tea tree oil, licorice, lemon - a course of 14 days, twice a day;
  • wipe the papilloma with the banana peel for a week;
  • Infusion of dandelion heads and Cologne;
  • smear mountain ash juice up to 10 times a day;
  • A bath with an infusion of chestnuts every other day for a period of 2 weeks removes formations on the body.
Potato juice for removing papillomas

Greater celandine

Celandine juice contains acid that destroys formations. In addition, essential oils and celandine alkaloids prevent inflammation. The extract from the herb has antiviral properties, cauterizes warts and reduces the activity of the pollutant, suppressing its vital activity.

Fresh leaves, squeezed juice or an infusion bought at a pharmacy will help. Before the procedure, the skin area must be steamed, lubricated with a fatty cream or oil on healthy skin and the sap must be applied selectively. The course lasts every 2 days for a week. After that, dried, flat children's warts will disappear. Another use is an infusion of celandine leaves or their juice mixed with chaga and string. Healing cubes are frozen from it and a corner of ice is applied to the papilloma three times for 3 minutes every day.

The treatment can also be carried out with an oil extract made from half a kilogram of herb and 0. 5 cups of warm olive oil. For cooking, a container with a dark glass is taken, all ingredients are put there and kept in a dark place for 2 weeks. The extract is filtered and used daily for lubrication.


An effective treatment for formations on the body involves treating them with garlic. This inexpensive and inexpensive tool has antibacterial, antiviral effects, and it kills HPV because of its sulfur content. It also increases immunity by reducing the activity of the virus. Side effects of the garlic treatment are slight stinging, irritation, and reddening of the skin. To avoid this, test the skin reaction before treatment. Apply the garlic pulp to the inside of the wrist for 15 minutes.

Recipes for using garlic in the fight against papillomas:

  • apply chives, peeled or porridge for several hours;
  • A dense pulp is made from a mixture of garlic, ghee and apple cider vinegar - it is kept overnight.
  • A garlic cake with rye flour is served for 7 hours. A composition with the addition of acetic acid, fixed with a bandage, becomes a stronger recipe.
  • lubrication of the papilloma with fresh garlic juice or extract (infuse overnight) - carry out three times a day;
  • Compress garlic juice and banana peel with the inside - store overnight.
how to use garlic to remove papillomas

Vermouth tincture

You can treat papillomas at home with tincture of wormwood or its essential oil. This plant is rich in useful active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and immunomodulatory effects. Wormwood essential oil, fresh juice or herbal infusion are used to lubricate papillomas. Contraindications to its use are:

  • allergies;
  • gastritis, ulcers, anemia - with them, the wormwood composition should not be taken orally;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Long-term use - this method leads to mental disorder and overdose - to the occurrence of seizures.

How to remove papillomas using folk remedies at home

In addition to plants and herbs, experts are finding out how to cure papillomas with folk remedies, using products that are known and available. Apple cider, vinegar, castor oil, and tea tree oil are options. In addition, other simple warts removal techniques are known:

  • rub the neoplasm with laundry soap for 4 days;
  • Applications and lubrication with propolis, ammonia, iodine;
  • Composition of aspirin, iodine, boric acid, alcohol;
  • Flour, vinegar applications are suitable;
  • Chicken egg white is applied to the papilloma, allowed to dry and repeated until the formation disappears.
Household soap for removing papillomas

Castor oil

Treating skin lesions is easy with castor oil. To do this, grease the papilloma, fix it with adhesive plaster or tape and leave it overnight. A combination of castor oil and garlic works well. Thanks to the acids in castor oil, it will heal small, flat warts on the face and hands in a month. Use a cotton swab to apply.

Apple cider vinegar

A simple and affordable remedy known to all housewives is apple cider vinegar. It helps to treat papillomas with the daily procedure of wetting the formation with it. Treatment lasts for several days, three times per tap. After a few days, the papilloma will darken, but this does not mean that treatment has to be stopped. You need to lubricate until the debris is completely gone.

Tea tree oil

Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies includes taking tea tree oil. To use it, wash the skin with a wart with water, soap, dry it and apply 2 drops of oil with a cotton swab. Treat three times a day until the wart darkens and disappears. In the event of irritation, the oil can be diluted with water in equal proportions. After applying, you can seal the area with a plaster.